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The Journey is the Prize: Pierre-Marie Bisson

Published January 31, 2016

There’s nothing particularly flashy or fancy about Pierre-Marie’s style, just an ice-cold understanding of the principles of being a great bartender. Full Post »


Here and there: Dominic Xavier

Published January 30, 2016

Dominic Xavier hails from Australia, but love and a nagging wanderlust, like so many of the best, brought him to the northern hemisphere and the curious town of Berlin. Full Post »


Winter Gathering – Karlsruhe

Published January 20, 2016

It is with great pleasure that I announce the triumphant return of our club as we gather once again in the Fächerstadt on Saturday, February 6th! Full Post »


Cucumber Dreams: David Piper

Published October 29, 2015

David Piper, perhaps more than any other human on the planet, embodies and exudes the spirit of Hendrick’s Gin. Full Post »


Autumn Fête at Joyeux Bordel

Published October 29, 2015

It’s time to get it on! Join us on Sunday, November 22nd in East London at the magnificent Joyeux Bordel from 21:00 – 02:00. Enjoy exquisite Hendrick’s Gin cocktails and experience lovingly selected vinyl cuts through one of the most outrageously superior sound systems on this planet. Full Post »


End of the season soiree in Hamburg

Published March 4, 2015

Join us for our first ever Turtleneck Club gathering in Hansestadt Hamburg! An evening presented by our friends at Golem in collaboration with the unusual and curious cucumber collective otherwise known as Hendrick’s Gin. Full Post »


Poly Galerie Karlsruhe 15.11.2014

Published November 18, 2014

(Karlsruhe, Germany) Club members gathered at the POLY gallery in Karlsruhe on Saturday, November 15th, to take part in a retrospective of some past events. Full Post »


Turtleneck Club Exhibit @ POLY Karlsruhe

Published November 6, 2014

Join this special event on Saturday, November 15th (14:00-20:00), as we exhibit an immersive Turtleneck Club experience within the context of the POLY gallery. Full Post »


Nines Hotel – Portland, OR

Published October 18, 2014

As a part of Portland Cocktail Week, the Turtleneck Club will co-host a pop-up event with our friends from Hendrick’s Gin at the Nine’s Hotel on Monday evening. Email us for details as this is an RSVP event. #pdxcw14 Full Post »


Our Winter Fete in London

Published February 26, 2014

(London, UK) The ECC Chinatown played host to this year’s Winter Fete in London. The members gathered represented some of the best our club has to offer. Full Post »

Michael Lee Turtleneck Club

The Experimental Turtleneck Club London

Published January 29, 2014

Join us and our friends from Hendrick’s Gin in London on February 24th at the Experimental Cocktail Club as we present the Turtleneck Club Winter Fete. Full Post »


Our 5th Anniversary in Paris!

Published January 8, 2014

Enjoy a 70s Parisienne bistro experience, tailored by the staff at Bar Le Coq. Awards for most bad ass ensemble. It’s time to get it on! (Jan. 23rd, 2014) Full Post »


Bar Convent Berlin (BCB)

Published December 1, 2013

(Berlin, Germany) Club members gathered at the Historic Breakfast Room in the Sony Center in Berlin in early October to celebrate Hendrick’s Gin as a part of the Bar Convent Berlin trade show – the largest gathering of bartenders in Europe, and what a party it was. Full Post »


Himself Alone: Søren Sørensen

Published October 7, 2013

Soren Krough Sorensen operates Ourselves Alone in Copenhagen, one of the most genteel cocktail establishments in Europe. It was our pleasure to sit down with him in Berlin on the eve of annual Bar Convent Berlin trade show, the largest gathering of bartenders on this continent. We first met Soren at Le Lion – Bar de Paris, in Hamburg. With his dashing sense of personal style and commitment to his craft, Soren represents some of the best the spirits and bar industry has to offer. Full Post »


Turtlenecks & Table Tennis

Published October 4, 2013

(Karlsruhe, Germany) Club members gathered in Karlsruhe shortly before heading to Berlin for a fall gathering for cocktails and a bit of light sport. Full Post »


Will turtlenecks be provided at the event?

Published September 22, 2013

It depends on the event, but with respect to our upcoming Winter Gathering in Karlsruhe, if you need to be outfitted, please get in touch.


Why turtlenecks?

Published September 22, 2013

The turtleneck reminds us of a time when letters were written by hand, when a glass of booze had bite, and wearing one meant the hammer was cocked… Full Post »


Turtleneck Club Fall Gathering in Berlin

Published September 21, 2013

(BER) The 2013 fall gathering, presented by Hendrick’s Gin Full Post »


Looking for the right fit

Published September 5, 2013

Turtleneck Club is looking for the right fit. Full Post »


Autumn/Winter 2013

Published September 3, 2013

Turtleneck Club is planning a few public as well as private engagements this Autumn/Winter 2013 season. We are currently working on details with our partners and will announce all appropriate information as the details roll out. Full Post »