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Our 5th Anniversary in Paris!

Published January 8, 2014

Join us on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 as we gather once again. This time the venue is Bar Le Coq in Paris – widely regarded as one of the best bars in the world! In fact, since its opening in 2012, Bar Le Coq has been on our radar and we’ve quietly coveted the chance to have a gathering there should that opportunity present itself, and now it has.

Thierry Daniel and Eric Fossard, the ‘liquid communication agency’ known as Liquid Liquid in France, are the duo behind Bar Le Coq, and their 70s chic vision is the perfect venue for a Turtleneck Club event. This venue speaks to the very soul of our membership and to our mission as a club – when it comes to our social endeavors, shabby simply will not do. Therefore we insist on Turtleneck Club, and we are beyond pleased that Bar Le Coq does, too.

Join us for a 70s Parisienne bistro experience, tailored to perfection by the staff at Bar Le Coq: super slick sounds from DJ Turtleneck, cocktails of craft, hors d’oeuvres, and awards for most bad ass turtlenecked ensemble. It’s time to get it on (<– map & location info)!