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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have to wear a turtleneck to be considered a member

Will turtlenecks be provided at the event?

It depends on the event, but with respect to our upcoming Winter Gathering in Karlsruhe, if you need to be outfitted, please get in touch.

Why turtlenecks?

Simply put, the turtleneck reminds us of a time when letters were written by hand, when a glass of booze had bite, and wearing one meant the hammer was cocked and it was time to get it on.

Why do you say, “life was never meant to be cheap”?

We like to imagine ourselves in a world where conversation is preferred to mindlessly staring into a smartphone, particularly when in public. We appreciate the taste of alcohol when ordering alcoholic drinks. We believe flying commercial does not have be the most awful thing a person can pay a premium to do. We believe having respect for one’s self and having respect for others is the standard measure of a quality person. We created Turtleneck Club as a bastion for these types of values and those who believe in them.

What’s the story with Hendrick’s Gin?

We partnered with Hendrick’s Gin because we feel they reflect the old school values that we believe in, not to mention they have a lovely sense of humor. We absolutely love their classic style and appreciate immensely the quality of their most excellent elixir. We have been delighted to collaborate with the cucumber and rose on several occasions, and we look forward to many more.

Does Turtleneck Club travel?

Yes, ours is a nomadic event. We are currently working on events in Europe and the United States, but we have quite a few one-off events here in Karlsruhe, Germany, where we live. If you would like to speak with us about hosting an event, we would be happy to discuss the possibility. And yes, thank you for asking – we would very much like to host an event in Tokyo.

Must I wear a turtleneck?

The answer is no, but there is a catch.

No turtleneck? No pants.

You are welcome to enter without a turtleneck, but you also have to take off your pants. Fair is fair.

For those who wish to keep their bottoms on, we deal exclusively in old school roll-necks. Mock turtlenecks are not acceptable (to anyone, really).

And Mr. Greg Foat says no dickies, either.

Will there be a photographer or videographer at the event?

Yes, Turtleneck Club boats a professional portrait studio to preserve your club experience for many years to come.

What sort of entertainment is on offer?

Turtleneck Club features a retinue of entertainment options including our house band, Crème Brûlée, a DJ playing classic vinyl, and of course the company and conversation of other discerning club members.

Are you affiliated with any political or religious groups?

If getting a proper drink with people that don’t bore you to death falls into either one of those categories, then yes. Otherwise, absolutely not.

How often does your club gather?

Turtleneck Club has no set schedule. Obviously the climate needs to be suitably cool for our chosen attire, so we tend to gather most often in the later fall, winter and early spring.

Do you recognize the best dressed of each gathering?

Credit where credit is due, and yes. We offer an exclusive gift to the best dressed male and female club members at each event.

Who is responsible for the Turtleneck Club concept?

Turtleneck Club was first conceived by Craig Judkins (Special Machine) in 2007 while on holiday in Florida. As the story goes, Eva, his wife, accidentally referred to a restaurant called Turtle Club, as “Turtleneck Club”. It was then, like a bolt of lightning, that the entire concept was born.